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A legal agreement between Ohio EPA and the Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) to determine nature and extent of contamination present and propose ways to clean up the contamination, if any exists.

Opportunity for the public to obtain information and ask questions regarding activities at the Site. These meetings are organized and run by Ohio EPA, although they may include brief presentations by others involved in the project.

Ohio EPA approves all proposed investigations and interim remediation work that is performed under the Orders.

Activities outlined in the approved work plan are implemented by the PRPs, with oversight by Ohio EPA.

All sampling results are provided, in report form, to Ohio EPA for review and approval.

Depending on public interest, a meeting may be held to explain the results from the investigation of a certain portion (or the entire) site.

Based on sample results, the PRPs research a variety of cleanup methods.

The PRPs provide information regarding a variety of applicable cleanup methods to Ohio EPA within a Feasibility Study Report.

Ohio EPA prepares a Preferred Plan which presents the Agency's preferred way to clean up the property. The community is given an opportunity to officially comment on the Preferred Plan during a public hearing and 30-day public comment period.

Keeping in mind all public comments provided during the public comment period, Ohio EPA selects a remedy for the site.

Ohio EPA and the PRPs negotiate, and eventually sign, Orders for the implementation of the remedy selected by Ohio EPA.

The PRPs implement the remedy for the site, with oversight by Ohio EPA.